March 2019
13 | 03 | 2019, we – 12:00
Conference-Hall of Moscow Conservatory
Meeting with Isabel Mundry (Switzerland)

Isabel Mundry was born in Schlüchtern (Germany) in 1963 and studied composition at the Hochschule der Künste and electronic music, musicology and history at the Berlin Technische Universität. From 1991 to 1994 she taught at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin and furthered her studies in Frankfurt with Hans Zender and later researched at the IRCAM in Paris. In addition to her teaching activities in Berlin, she held teaching appointments in Zürich and at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.

Isabel Mundry was the first resident composer of the Staatskapelle in Dresden. She previously held a similar position at the Tong Yong Festival, the Lucerne Festival and the Mannheim National Theater.

Mundry's compositions are characterized by a highly individualized musical language, full of variants and nuances: "She hardly ever repeats herself; each time, sounds and sequences of sounds are articulated differently." Isabel Mundry's work is currently published by Breitkopf & Härtel.

14 | 03 | 2019, th – 19:00
Rakhmaninov Hall
Projection of Contemporary Music: Switzerland
Isabel Mundry, Mauro Hertig, Micha Seidenberg


Isabel Mundry
Das Rohe und das Geformte for ensemble
Sounds, Archeologies for bassethorn, piano and cello
Balancen for violin solo

Mauro Hertig
Flugmagnet for ensemble

Miсha Seidenberg
replicare for string quartet


Nikita Agafonov, bassethorn
Mona Khaba, piano
Stanislav Malyshev, violin
Olga Galochkina, cello

String Quartet Studio for New Music
Stanislav Malyshev, violin
Inna Zilberman, violin
Anna Burchik, viola
Olga Kalinova, cello

Studio for New Music Ensemble
Conductor - Igor Dronov
Artistic director - Vladimir Tarnopolski

To celebrate its 25th anniversary the Studio for New Music Ensemble navigates between places and countries that have become 'centres of gravity' for the contemporary arts scene. 'Projections of Contemporary Music' is a concert-series that places focus on the music of countries who have been long-term partners and friends of the ensemble. The next concert is dedicated to contemporary music from Switzerland. It features works by Isabel Mundry (Professor of composition at the Zurich University of Arts) and two of her former students Micha Seidenberg and Mauro Hertig.

What is musical perception? How does our awareness of music become a personal experience and which role does the differentiation of listening contribute to this process? The works featured in this concert address these issues in very different ways. For example: a) The archetypes of musical tradition are being approached as today's musical artefacts whose creative potential can be critically assessed. b) The creation of new listening experience and essential correlations resulting from conscious 'imperfection' of composition (Isabel Mundry). c) A composition as a filigree work of art that is based on isolated phenomena discovered by the composer (Micha Seidenberg). d) Listening as a process of building inner connections between previously gained experiences and their projections into the future (Mauro Hertig).

True to its key goals, the Studio for New Music seeks to provide opportunities for artistic and academic exchange and is happy to welcome Isabel Mundry as its special guest. The meeting with the composer will be held on March 13th.

We would like to thank the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, without whose valued support this concert could not take place.

Sergej Tchirkov, the project curator

17 | 03 | 2019, su – 19:00
The House of Composers
Opening of the II International multimedia-festival GAM
Igor Kegalidi, Nikolay Popov, Alexei Nadzharov, Alexander Khubeev


Igor Kefalidi
TapeExt for piano and electronic sounds

Nikolay Popov
The Call of the North Star for ensemble and video 

Alexei Nadzharov
The Cold Environment for ensemble and video

Alexander Khubeev
The Sevrets of the New Land: in the Polar Night for ensemble and video

Igor Kefalidi
Apophonie for piano and electronic sounds


The soloists of the Studio for New Music Ensemble

26 | 03 | 2019, tu – 19:00
Myaskovskiy Concert Hall
Music and theatre
Concert series Art controversy
Igor Stravinsky, John Cage, Sofia Gubaidulina, Viktor Ekimovsky, Erik Satie, Luciano Berio

From Aristotle to Lessing, from Gramsci and Adorno to Deleuze and Levinas - there has always been a discussion about intrinsic values of the art forms: whether the arts exist as self-reliant phenomena or they all have common roots and do need each other. At first sight, the art of music is perhaps the only self-sufficient form of art. That’s why it has certain power to influence our perception of other arts as a background process or else by highlighting elements of the other arts or by opening up yet another facets of a piece of art. Together with Vladimir Tarnopolski and Fedor Sofronov the listener is invited to this journey though the different art forms and to take part in the controversial discussion between music and other arts.