February 2020
6 | 02 | 2020, th – 19:00
Rachmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatory
Nikolay Sidelnikov
To the 90th birthday of the composer
Compositions by Nikolay Sidelnikov


The Russian Fairytales. Concert for 12 musicians (1968)
In the Land of Sedge and Forget-me-nots for voice and piano. Fragments (1979)
Pieces for children for piano. Fragments (1971)
Duels for cello and ensemble (1973)


Ekaterina Kichigina, soprano
Olga Galochkina, cello
Mona Khaba, piano
Natalia Cherkasova, piano

Studio for New Music ensemble
Conductor — Igor Dronov

13 | 02 | 2020, th – 19:00
Rachmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatory
Contemporary UK Music
Roger Redgate, Brian Ferneyhough, Gerard McBurney, Steven Daverson, John Croft, Mark-Anthony Turnage, Oliver Knussen, Elena Firsova


Roger Redgate
Black Icons for solo cello and ensemble (2011)

Brian Ferneyhough
Coloratura for oboe and piano (1966)

Gerard McBurney
Cherry Cottage 1782 for piano solo (2013)

Steven Daverson
Elusive Tangibility III: Clandestine Haze for chamber ensemble (2011)

John Croft
Seirēnes III:Trio for bass flute, viola and cello (2013)

Mark-Anthony Turnage
Slide Stride for piano and string quartet (2002)

Oliver Knussen
…upon One Note. Fantasia after Purcell for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1995)

Elena Firsova
Dalla luce alla luce for accordion, 2 violins, 2 violas and cello (2014)


Anastasiya Tabankova, oboe
Olga Galochkina, cello
Sergey Chirkov, accordion
Natalia Cherkasova, piano

Studio for New Music ensemble
Conductor  — Igor Dronov

The UK-Russia Year of Music programme is conducted by the British Embassy in Moscow with the support of the British Council

NewTon has been conceived as a crossword-puzzle in which some biographical details, professional and creative approaches of the authors are intertwined. At first glance, all the composers have little in common except their British nationality, highest quality of music and freedom from any kind of compositional schools. But on closer look, there are some interesting parallels of their backgrounds as well as connections concerning the history of the works that will be performed:

• Brilliant self-taught Brian Ferneyhough who proposed a new model of interaction between composer and performer, which encourages the latter to unleash the creative potential and to become a co-author of the work.
• Composer, violinist, researcher and improviser Roger Redgate who studied with Brian Ferneyhough: his composition Black Icons has been written for and premiered by the Studio for New Music Ensemble and Alexander Ivashkin
• Well known to the audiences by his work on BBC and as artistic adviser of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, composer and writer Gerard McBurney studied composition at the Moscow Conservatory with Edison Denisov.
• the youngest-ever recipient of the Composer’s prize of the Siemens Musikstiftung, teacher of the Cambridge University and City University London Steven Daverson: his work Elusive Tangibility IV was awarded the first prize at the Jurgenson Composition Competition (2009) held by the Studio for New Music Ensemble;
• prizewinner of the First Jurgenson Competition (2001) composer and music philosopher John Croft;
• Russian-British composer Elena Firsova studied composition with Edison Denisov in Moscow;
• One of most eminent composer-conductors of his generation, Honorary Doctor of the Royal Academy of Music, Oliver Knussen who performed in Russia on several occasions.
• Mark-Anthony Turnage, who studied with Oliver Knussen.

This journey through the labyrinth of sounds, forms, connections, images and inspirations will
be guided by the musicians of the Studio for New Music.

15 | 02 | 2020, sa – 19:00
Myaskovsky hall of the Moscow Conservatory
Carte Blanche
Ekaterina Fomizkaya, Ekaterina Markova
Igor Stravinsky, Eugeny Sherbakov, Lun Xingyu, Sergey Prozhogin, Boguslav Martinů, Fedor Druzhinin, Dmitry Shostakovich


Igor Stravinsky
Suite from Histoire du soldat for clarinet, violin and piano (1918)

Eugeny Sherbakov
Suite for violin and piano in four parts (1997)

Sergey Prozhogin
Mit Wunderkerzen for viola solo (2017)

Lun Xingyu
The mist of the setting sun for violin solo (2019)
World Premiere

Fedor Druzhinin
Sinfonia a due for two violas In memory of Roman Rary (1987)

Dmitry Schostakovich
Sonata for viola and piano op. 147 (1975)


Ekaterina Fomizkaya, violin
Ekaterina Markova, viola

Nikita Agafonov, clarinet
Aleksey Simakin, viola
Mona Khaba, piano

The compere of the concert is Anna Iglitskaya