March 2021
2 | 03 | 2021, tu – 19:00
Chamber hall of Moscow Philharmonic Society
Vladimir Tarnopolski
Concert of subscription "Person-composer. Presentation and interview — Andrey Ustinov"
Compositions by V.Tarnopolski


Study of Breath for cello (2018)
Russian premiere

Three Small Chants for solo wind instruments:

Veni creator spiritus for trombone (2020)
Judea et Jerusalem for saxophonist (2021)
Es ist genug for bassoon (2020)

One Hundred Days of Soltitude for viola (2020)

Echoes of the Passing Day. Trio for clarinet, cello and piano (1990)


Valentin Puzankov, bassoon
Nikita Agafonov, saxophone
Dmitry Sharov, trombone
Stanislav Malyshev, viola
Olga Galochkina, cello
Mona Khaba, piano

Studio for New Music ensemble

Presentation and interview — Andrey Ustinov

10 | 03 | 2021, we – 19:00
Hall named of N. Myaskovsky
Quod Libet
Concert of soloists of the Studio for New Music ensemble


Dmitri Kapyrin
In harmony piano version (2020)
World Premiere
Naive Music for saxophone and piano (2021)
World Premiere

Ilya Vyazov
Singing in the Twilight for oboi

Zhanna Gabova
Toccata-Fantasy for violin, viola, tuba and piano (2012)

Horațiu Rădulescu
Das Andere for viola (1983)

Sergey Prozhogin
Etudes for piano (2019/2020)

Bianca Bongers
Duo for trumpet and trombone (2015/2017)

Krzysztof Penderecki
Capriccio per Siegfried Palm for cello (1968)

Heinz Holliger
Klaus-Ur for bassoon (2002)


Anastasiya Tabankova, oboi
Valentin Puzankov, bassoon
Nikita Agafonov, saxophone
Nikolay Kamenev, trumpet
Michail Olenev, trombone
Ivan Gabov, tuba
Mona Khaba, piano
Natalia Cherkasova, piano
Ekaterina Fomitskaya, violin
Anna Burchik, viola
Alexandra Kobrina, cello

18 | 03 | 2021, th – 19:00
Rachmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatory
Three Geniuses of Hungrian Music
Bela Bartok, György Ligeti, György Kurtag


Bela Bartok
String quartet №4 (1928)

György Ligeti
Continuum for harpsichord (1968)
Passacaglia for harpsichord (1978)
Hungrian Rock for harpsichord (1978)

Chamber Concert for 13 instruments (1969-1970)

György Kurtag
...quasi una fantasia... for piano and ensemble (1987-1988)
Hommage à R.Sch. for clarinet, viola and piano (1990)


Ignat Krasikov, clarinet
Mona Khaba, harpsichord, piano
Natalia Cherkasova, piano
Ekaterina Markova, viola

String Quartet "Studio for New Music"
Stanislav Malyshev, violin
Inna Zilberman, violin
Anna Burchik, viola
Olga Kalinova, cello

Studio for New Music ensemble
Conductor — Igor Dronov