October 2018
5 | 10 | 2018, fr – 19:00
Rakhmaninov Hall
Avant-garde in old style
Concert series Avant-garde plus
Sofia Gubaidulina, Guus Janssen, Arvo Pärt, Otto Ketting, Ton de Leeuw, Edison Denisov, Gérard Pesson, György Kurtag


Arvo Pärt
Mozart-Adagio for piano, violin and cello (1992/1997)

Guus Janssen
Ut, Re, Mi, Sol, La for ensemble (1982)

Ton de Leeuw
Fauxbourdon for ensemble (1982)

Otto Ketting
Quodlibet  for ensemble (1982)

Sofia Gubaidulina
Reflections on the theme B-A-C-H string quartet (2002)

Edison Denisov
Es ist genug for viola and piano

György Kurtag
Transcriptions from Machaut to Bach for two pianos

Gérard Pesson
In Nomine for ensemble

Alfred Schnittke
Musica nostalgica for cello and piano


Stanislav Malyshev, viola
Olga Galochkina, cello
Natalia Cherkasova, piano
Mona Khaba, piano

Studio for new music ensemble
Conductor - Stanislav Malyshev

Throughout the Xxth century avant-garde in the broadest sense of the word has always been attractive to general public and to artists, who almost inevitably become the newsmakers of our time. The Studio for New Music approaches the secret of this vitality and attractivity of avant-garde art, focusing on the synthetic, additive nature of the music. Fashion on Jazz? Avant-garde is willing to accept this genre. Emerging Rock movement? And here again avant-garde embraces the style. Folk and World music? Here you are! Five concerts of the series represent five pluses “+” for everyone interested in the history and sources of avant-garde.
Works by Padding, Janssen, Stravinsky, Andriessen, Pärt, De Leeuw, Gubaidulina, Schöllhorn, Romitelli, Murray, Ligeti, Zappa, Berio, Sysoev, Reich, Glass a.o.

16 | 10 | 2018, tu – 19:30
Bolshoi Theatre: Beethoven Hall
To the Andrey Volkonskiy 85th anniversary
The Union of Composers of Russia
Edison Denisov, Sofia Gubaidulina, Andrey Volkonskiy


Edison Denisov
Es ist genug

Sofia Gubaidulina
Meditation on BACH-Choral

Andrey Volkonskiy
Was noch lebt

Andrey Volkonskiy
Musica stricta

Andrey Volkonskiy
Piano quintet I movement

Andrey Volkonskiy
The Suite of Mirrors

18 | 10 | 2018, th – 19:00
The Great Hall
The Surrogate Cities
The 25th anniversary concert
Heiner Goebbels, Unsuk Chin, Steve Reich, Morton Feldman, Vladimir Tarnopolski, Dmitri Shostakovich, Dmitri Kurlyandsky, Luciano Berio, Charles Ives


Charles Ives
Central Park in the Dark (New-York) for ensemble (1906)

Vladimir Tarnopolski
Eastanbul for chamber orchestra (2008), first performance in Russia

Dmitri Kurlyandsky
The Maps of Non-Existent Cities. Stockholm for chamber orchestra (2012), first performance in Russia

Heiner Göbbels
Surrogate Cities: Surrogate for a reciter and chamber orchestra (1993/1994), first performance in Russia


Heiner Göbbels
The Lightning over Moscow (1985)

Luciano Berio
The Cries of London for a vocal ensemble (1974-1976)

Unsuk Chin
Gougalon (Scenes from a Street Theater). Dedication to Hong-Kong for ensemble (2009/2011), first performance in Russia

Morton Feldman
Atlantis for chamber orchestra (1959), first performance in Russia

Steve Reich
City life for chamber orchestra (1995), first performance in Russia

Dmitri Shostakovich
A walk through Moscow from operetta Moscva, Cheremushki (1957), arr. for choir and orchestra by Andrey Kuligin (2018)


Studio for New Music Ensemble

Conductor - Igor Dronov
Artistic director - Vladimir Tarnopolski

Chamber Choir of Moscow Conservatory
Artistic director and conductor - Alexander Solovyov

Caroline Melzer, reciter (Germany)

Light, video - Alexei Smirnov
Electronics - Nikolay Popov, Alexei Nadzharov
The concept of the program - Vladislav Tarnopolsky

The Partner of the Project - Yamaha Music

21 | 10 | 2018, su – 19:00
Rakhmaninov Hall
Pierrot lunaire 2.0
Michael Obst, Mathias Spahlinger, Steffen Schleiermacher, Arnold Schönberg, Max Kowalski


Michael Obst

Mathias Spahlinger
Adieu m'Amour

Steffen Schleiermacher
Four Songs on the Texts by Paul Boldt

Arnold Schönberg
Pierrot lunaire

Max Kowalski
Pierrot Lunaire


Caroline Melzer, soprano (Germany)

Studio for New Music Ensemble

Pierrot Lunaire 2.0
This project is a collaboration between Studio for New Music and German singer Caroline Meltzer.

The paradigmatic cycle of Arnold Schönberg 'Pierrot Lunaire' (1912) will be introduced in whole new light, in dialogue with a work by little-known German composer Max Kowalski, whose cycle bearing the same title was composed about the same time. Both cycles are stylistically very different; the avant-garde impulse of Schönberg is opposed by the salon-like interpretation by Kowalski. The two works are confronted to outline the variety of styles in German music of early 20th century, but there are commonalities in the life of these two composers: they were both forced to move from Germany in the 30th.
The other works have been written by our contemporaries and to a certain extent refer to either instruments or aesthetics of Schönberg, connecting the past and the present of contemporary German music.

The concert will be held with the support of Goethe-Institute in Moscow.

30 | 10 | 2018, tu – 19:00
Tomsk Philarmony
Concert in Tomsk
Sofia Gubaidulina, Vladimir Tarnopolski, Arvo Pärt, Edison Denisov, Rodion Schedrin, Faradzh Karaev, Steve Riech


Arvo Pärt
Mozart-Adagio for string trio

Vladimir Tarnopolsky
Eindruck-Ausdruck for ensemble

Edison Denisov
Three pieces

Faradzh Karaev
monsieur bee line – eccentric or Are you alive yet, herr minister???!!! for flute, bass-clarinet and piano

Sofia Gubaidulina
The Sound of Forest for flute and piano

Rodion Shchedrin
Three merry pieces for violin, cello and piano

Steve Reich
Vermont Counterpoint for flute and tape


Studio for New Music Ensemble