April 2019
18 | 04 | 2019, th – 19:00
Rakhmaninov Hall
Projection of Contemporary Music: Germany
Johannes Schöllhorn, Nikolaus Huber, Helmut Lachenmann, Sarah Nemtsov, Matthias Krueger


Sara Nemtsov
...beredtes Schweigen for ensemble (2005), Russian premiere

Хельмут Лахенман
temA for soprano, flute and cello (1968)

Nicolaus A. Huber
Zum beispiel. Wogende Aeste for ensemble (2011)

Johannes Schoellhern
a Moscou for ensemble (2018), World premiere

Matthias Krueger
nun schauervoll einmalig blickt es mich an for ensemble (2016), Russiam premiere

Johannes Schoellhern
Anamorphoses for ensemble (2004)


Ekaterina Kichigina, soprano
Marina Rubinstein, flute
Olga Galochkina, cello
Ekaterina Markova, viola
Sergey Chirkov, accordion

Studio for New Music ensemble
Conductor - Igor Dronov

Supported by Goethe-Institut Moskau

To celebrate its 25th anniversary the Studio for New Music Ensemble navigates between places and countries that have become 'centres of gravity' for the contemporary arts scene. «Projections of Contemporary Music» is a concert-series that places focus on the music of countries who have been long-term partners and friends of the ensemble. The next concert is dedicated to contemporary music from Germany and will be held at the Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory on April 18th.

The central event of the program on April 18th in Rakhmaninov hall of Moscow Conservatory will be premiere performance of a new work by Johannes Schöllhorn (Professor of composition at the University of Music Freiburg). The piece à Moscou that was commissioned by the Studio for New Music ensemble especially for the concert will also be presented by the composer himself at the pre-concert meeting at the Conference Hall of the Conservatory on April 17th.

The program features yet another work that was written for Studio – Zum Beispiel: wogende Äste (2011) by Nicolaus A. Huber as well as Russian premieres of …beredtes Schweigen (2005) by Sarah Nemtsov and nun schauervoll einmalig blickt es mich an (2015) by Matthias Krüger – the composers who truly represent a new approach to compositional practice on the border between music theater, media art, performance and concert tradition

The soloists of the Studio for New Music Ensemble will also perform temA (1968) by Helmut Lachenmann, - a paradigmatic work by the composer who deeply influenced the identity formation of many styles, as well as three movements from Anamorphoses (2004) by Schöllhorn – a reference to the material of baroque music that reveals new perspectives of listening.

We would like to thank the Goethe-Institute in Moscow, without whose valued support this concert could not take place.

Sergej Tchirkov