Studio for New Music Ensemble will launch its education channel on 24 April 2020 – STUDIO | education
The quarantine has given us time to release a project that we wanted to do for a while. We want to share with you our unique video archive that documents our educational activities for the last twenty years: meetings with renown composers and soloists, lectures on new music given by professors of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and its guests, a series of interdisciplinary discussion panels. The archive contains recorded presentations and talks held in the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory by Helmut Lachenmann. Beat Furrer, Klaus Lang, Vladimir Tarnopolski, Fedor Sofronov a.o.

The website of the Studio for new music will regularly be updated with new recordings, each of these will be available on demand for a week. Besides uploading recording from our archive we will prepare a series of instrumental presentations and mini masterclasses conducted by the ensemble’s soloists.

The schedule of the updates will be available on our website and on social media.

Schedule (to be updated):

April 24, Fri — Yuri Kholopov. Lecture: A Missing Link in the Theory of New Tonality – from Scriabin to Every Which Where (recorded on April 19, 2003)

April 28, Tue — Helmut Lachenmann in Moscow Conservatory. Meeting with the composer (recorded on December 16, 2013)

May 1, Fri — Meeting with Beat Furrer (recorded on November 26, 2012)

May 5, Tue — Meeting with Isabel Mundry (recorded on March 13, 2019)

May 8, Fri — Meeting with Johannes Schoellhorn (recorded on April 16, 2019)

May 12, Tue — online presentation of the book "Contemporary French composers about music and musical composition". Edition of the Moscow Conservatory, 2020

May 19, Tue — Meeting with Michael Jarrell (recorded on March 4, 2020)

Michael Jarrell

Meeting with composer in the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory

The video will be available from 19 May (12:00 MSK) to 26 May (11:59 MSK)