Anthology of the Moscow Musical Avant-garde
of the 20th and 21th Century

Series of the concerts of chamber and ensemble music, 2008-2009

Moscow is one of the most intensively developing cities of the world, in which the musical culture is developing just as rapidly. The project acquaints the Moscow public with masterpieces of the musical history of their city, presenting a comprehensive anthology of the Moscow underground.


Two Poles of the Russian Avant-garde

27 Jun 2008, Friday

Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatoire, 19:00

Nikolay Roslavets Chamber Symphony №2 Moscow premiere
Alexander Mosolov Quartet №1
Newspaper Advertisement for chamber orchestra
Zavod. Arranged for chamber orchestra

Early Russian Avant-garde

16 Oct 2008, Thursday

Big Concert Hall of the Composers’ Union, 18:30

Arthur Lourie Formes en l’air
Ivan Wischnegradsky Meditation on 2 themes
Nikolay Obukhov 4 Balmont’s songs
Alexander Mosolov Zavod
Vladimir Deshevov Rails
Nikolay Roslavets Nocturne
Nikolay Roslavets Chamber Symphony #1
Ekaterina Kichigina, soprano
Mona Khaba, piano
Olga Galochkina, cello

Studio for New Music ensemble
Conductor – Igor Dronov

"Great friendship". Towards the 60th Anniversary Edict of the Central Committee of the VKPb about formalism in music

23 Oct 2008, Thursday

Dmitry Shostakovich Anti-formalist Rayok
Sergey Prokofiev Five Poems on Balmont’s texts (arrangement for voice and piano by Andrey Kuligin)
Nikolay Myaskovsky Yellowed Leaves
Vano Muradeli Song of Meirana from the opera The Great Friendship
Gavriil Popov Septet (Chamber Symphony)

The Avant-garde of the 1960s: In Search of a New Language

21 Nov 2008, Friday

Rakhmaninov Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire, 19:00

Andrey Volkonsky Mirror Suite
Alfred Schnitke Dialogue
Nikolay Karetnikov Chamber Symphony
Sofia Gubaidullina Concordanza
Edison Denisov Three Pictures of Paul Klee

In Search for National Identity

17 Dec 2008, Wednesday

Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatoire, 19:00

Roman Ledenev 10 Sketches
Rodion Shchedrin Geometry of Sound
Three shepherds
Alexander Wustin The Word
Nikolay Sidelnikov Fairy Tales
Studio for New Music
Conductor – Igor Dronov

Music of the XXI century: young composers

13 Jan 2009, Tuesday

Myaskovsky hall of the Moscow Conservatoire, 18:00

Dmitry Kourliandsky prePositions for violin (2008)
Georgy Dorokhov Under Construction for violin and piano (2008)
Anton Rovner Sad landscapes for oboe (2007)
Anna Mikhailova Time of NDEMBU for cello and piano (2007)
Oleg Paiberdin Bagatelle for piano (2008)
Alexey Nadjarov Contradiction for basset horn and live electronics (2007)
Fedor Sofronov Schumann-Applikazionen for oboe and piano (2008)
Studio for New Music ensemble:

Stanislav Malishev (violin)
Anastasia Tabankova (oboe)
Natalia Cherkasova (piano)
Oleg Tantsov (basset horn)
Olga Galochkina (cello)
Mona Khaba (piano)

At the turn of the Millennia

29 Jan 2009, Thursday

Concert Hall of the Composers’ Union, 18:30

Viktor Ekimovsky Swang song for string quartet
Vladimir Tarnopolski Eindruck-Ausdruck for ensemble
Dmitry Smirnov Spectrum of Spring for ensemble
Faradj Karaev Are you alive yet, herr minister??!! for chamber orchestra
Yuri Vorontsov Microcosmos for chamber orchestra
Sergey Pavlenko Vektorraum for ensemble
Alexander Wustin Music for 10 for ensemble
Studio for New Music ensemble
Conductor – Igor Dronov