The cycle of concerts took place parallel with the exhibition of works by Schönberg and Kandinsky at the Tretyakov Gallery. In our programs we attempted to explore the sound atmosphere of that time, hence the music of Arnold Schönberg was joined with that of his contemporaries.


Concert 1: Schönberg and his Russian parallels

December 3, 2001

Arnold Schönberg Five Pieces ор.16 (1909)
Yefim Golyscheff Trio Zwölftondauermusik (1919)
Sergey Protopopov> Youth (Camomile) for voice and piano(1917)
Ivan Vyshnegradsky Meditations on two themes for cello and piano (1918)
Arthur Lourie Formes en l’air for piano (1915)
Nikolay Roslavets Three songs (1913-14)
Arnold Schönberg Chamber Symphony ор.9 (1906)

Concert 2: Arnold Schönberg: concert-portrait

December 6, 2001

Suite ор.29 (1924/26)
Pierrot Lunaire ор.21 (1912)
Fragments of unfinished pieces for piano (1900-25)
Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte ор.41 (1942)

Concert 3: Fascination by technique

December 10, 2001

Arnold Schönberg Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtpielszene ор.34
Fritz Heinrich Klein Die Machine — Eine extonale Selbstsatire
Arnold Schönberg Die eiserne Brigade
Vladimir Deshevov Rails for piano
Sergey Prokofiev Quintet (Trapeze)
Alexander Mosolov Zavod. Arranged for ensemble


Tretyakov State Gallery,
Arnold Schönberg Centre (Wien),
Embassy of the Austrian Republic in the Russian Federation (Cultural Forum),
Göthe German Cultural Center in Moscow