Conception&video: Paolo Pachini
Music: Michael Jarrell, Martin Matalon and Raphael Cendo
Performers: Studio for New Music ensemble under direction of Igor Dronov
Technical Director: Jean Cyrille Burdet / Grame

Project was realized by the Centre for Contemporary Music of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in collaboration with GRAME centre national de creation musicale (France) and with support of the French Institute.

As a part of Festival NET (New Musical Theatre)

The idea of the fall has always been an important archetype inspiring the creativity, either in relationship with the physical phenomena or evoked as a metaphor in plots connected to religion, sociology or psychology. The desire of exploring once again this universal theme caused the meeting of the video maker Paolo Pachini and the composers Michaël Jarrell, Martin Matalon and Raphaël Cendo around the invention of a critical space contradicting the reassuring exigencies of the habitual visual and acoustic topologies: two big oversized screens with vertical development, will be placed side by side directly in front of the audience and served by two independent and synchronized HD beamers. In a similar way it will be installed a sound projection system based on 16 loudspeakers divided into two surround groups each one disposed along the perimeter of the hall following the opposite diagonals.

The consequent forced augmentation in the vertical extension of the visual and acoustic field will amplify the destabilizing and immersive effects during the perception of longitudinal movements, especially by means of the prolonged exposure time. It will be offered, so to say, the possibility of “exploring” the abyss, of pursuing what is escaping, could it be a catastrophic event, a perverse nuance of a human behaviour or the degeneration process of an organic tissue.