Moz-Art. Playing with Mozart

towards the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth

4 concerts of compositions by Mozart and for Mozart

24 February – 12 September 2006

The most important thing that Mozart bequeathed to us was his divine playing, the lightness and directness of which makes us forget the complexity of things. In our project we performed the music of Mozart together with the works by 20th century composers who wrote to him sorts of "homage" pieces. Moreover, each concert includes premieres of compositions by young Austrian and Russian composers, written especially for this project. At the completion of each concert the listeners together with the performers of the ensemble played the famous "Musical game of Mozart, placed in an elegant case, presenting itself as a simple way of composing waltzes and rondos" with the means of two playing dice. Each person has to make the attempt to feel oneself as Mozart!


Concert 1

February 24, 2006

W.A. Mozart Quartet for flute and strings D-dur (1777)
1. Allegro
2. Adagio
3. Rondo
Roland Freizitser Quartet for flute and strings (2006, world premiere)
1. Adagio
2. Allegretto
Arvo Pärt Mozart-Adagio for violin, cello and piano (1992)
* * *
Alexei Syumak Cadenza for string quartet (2003)
Alfred Schnittke Moz-Art for ensemble (1980)
Klaus Huber Intarsi, chamber concert for piano and chamber orchestra (1994)
I. «Intarsi»
II. Pianto/Specchio di Memorie
III. Unit?! (Rondissimo)
IV. Epilogo («Giardino arabo»)

Mikhail DOUBOV (piano), Svetlana MITRYAIKINA (flute), Elena FIHTENGOLTS (violin), Ekaterina FOMITSKAYA (violin), Danila GALOCHKIN (viola), Olga GALOCHKINA (cello), Inna ZILBERMAN (violin), Tatiana FEDYAKOVA (violin), Anna BURCHIK (viola), Olga KALINOVA (cello)
Conductor – Igor DRONOV

Concert 2

March 23, 2006

W.A. Mozart Kegelstatt Trio for clarinet, viola and piano K.498 (1786)
Edison Denisov Variations on Mozart's Theme for eight flutes (1990, Russian premiere)
Gotfried von Einem Steinbeis-Serenade (Variations for eight instruments on the theme from Mozart's Don Giovanni) (1980-81, Russian premiere)
* * *
Mikhail Glinka Variations on the Mozart's Theme for harp
Alexander Wagendristel Aperto for quintet (2006, world premiere)
Yury Vorontsov Amulet for chamber ensemble (2006, world premiere)

Oleg TANTSOV (clarinet), Anna BURCHIK (viola), Mihail DOUBOV (piano), Natalia YAHONT (harp)
Conductor – Igor DRONOV

Concert 3

March 23, 2006

W.A. Mozart Sextet of Rural Musicians, K.522 (1789)
Norbert Sterk Adios-Adagios for ensemble (world premiere, 2006)
Alexander Radvilovich Götterdämmerung, postludia for ensemble (2001)
Dmitry Yanov-Yanovski Köснеl 347, divertimento for strings (Russian premiere, 2005)
* * *
Vladimir Gorlinsky S'Morzando forpiano and chamber ensemble (world premiere, 2006)
Kuzma Bodrov Fuga on Mozart's Theme for string quartet (2006)
Nikolai Korndorf Mozart-Variations for string sextet (1990)

Soloist: Mikhail DOUBOV (piano)
Conductor – Igor DRONOV

Concert 4

September 12, 2006

W.A. Mozart Quintet for clarinet and strings K.581 (1789)
1. Allegro
2. Largetto
3. Menuetto
4. Allegretto con Variazioni
Hans Ulrich Lehmann Hommage a Mozart, chamber music I for ensemble (1978-1979, Russian premiere)
* * *
Heinz Holliger Three pieces for bassoon (2001)
1. Mathewmatics
2. Mart(d)er aller Arten
3. Klaus-Ur
Gérard Pesson Non sapremo mai di questo mi for flute, violin and piano (1991, Russian premiere)
Theo Loevendie Music for flute and piano (1979)
Dmitry Kourlyandski Histoire de la Musique for tuba, percussion and double bass (2001)

Oleg TANTSOV (clarinet), Elena FIHTENGOLTS (violin), Ekaterina FOMITSKAYA (violin), Ekaterina MARKOVA (viola), Olga GALOCHKINA (cello), Stanislav KATENIN (bassoon), Svetlana MITRYAIKINA (flute) Ekaterina FOMITSKAYA (violin), Nataliya CHERKASOVA (piano), Ivan BUSHUEV (flute), Ivan GABOV (tuba), Andrei NIKITIN (percussion), Nikolai GORSHKOV (double bass)
Conductor – Igor DRONOV


Austrian Embassy in Moscow,
ProHelvetia Cultural Foundation (Switzerland),
Gottfried von Einem Foundation (Austria)