A cycle of concerts commemorating
the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution

"Listen to the music of the revolution", poet Alexander Blok appealed in 1918. Likewise to the way in the autumn of 1917 Russian life was shattered to pieces, so classical music split into an assortment of movements and individuals, scattered throughout the whole world. A collective portrait of music "along the perimeter of the Red Wheel" includes the compositions of Prokofiev and Stravinsky, Roslavetz and Mosolov, Golysheff and Lourie, Wyschnegradsky, Obouhow and others. All of this together comprises the motley and diversified world of Russian musical art of the turn of the 1910s and 1920s. The cycle of concerts "Red Wheel" took place in the recently opened Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic Society.


Concert 1:

Sergei Prokofiev and Igor Stravinsky:
compositions of the revolutionary decade

Concert 2:

Nikolai Roslavetz — Alexander Mosolov:
two vectors of the Russian avant-garde

Concert 3:

Gone with the Wind of the Revolution:
the music of Russian émigrés

Yefim Golysheff,
Arthur Lourié,
Ivan Wyshnegradsly,
Vladimir Vogel,
Nikolai Obouhow,
Vladimir Dukelsky,
Joseph Schillinger