The Factory of Machines

The industrial culture of the early XXth century has wrought social and economic changes but it has also intervened in the art thought. Machines and mechanisms were a source of inspiration and fascination at the down of the century and this tendency resulted in constructivism - an artistic movement primarily aimed at architecture, that borrowed ideas from suprematism, cubism and futurism to replace composition with construction.

To comprehend the phenomena of synthetic art that incorporates contemporary music through dance and to pay a tribute to the 80th anniversary of ZIL Palace of Culture in Moscow (1937), Studio for New Music together with the Cultural Centre ZIL has launched a project entitled Factory of Machines, which reflects upon the history of the twentieth century from the perspective of the relationships between human and machine.
The constructive strata of the performance are represented via plasticity as well as via musiс written by Andrei Kuligin who won the commission competition of ZIL Centre. The music is performed by the musicians of the Studio for New Music while the choreography part has been done by Ballet Moscow – a dance company that focus on contemporary dance.

Andrei Kuligin – composer, winner of the ZIL Centre competition which was held to choose a composer for the commission.
Anastasia Kadruleva, Artem Ignatiev, Ballet Moscow – choreography
Filipp Chizhevsky – conductor
Sergei Illarionov – design and decorations
Liubov Svobodova – light

Studio for New Music Ensemble