Project Curator - Sergej Tchirkov

Rakhmaninov Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

This Is a large-scale project which focuses on presenting contemporary Swiss music in a network of concerts, seminars and workshops, multimedia performances. Initiated by the Studio for New Music ensemble on the year of 200th anniversairy of diplomatic relations between Russia and Switzerland, it is commited to bringing best examples of the Swiss musical culture variety to the Russian audience. The festival's programs feature portrait concerts of well known composers and teachers of Switzerland: Michael Jarrell, Klaus Huber, Heinz Holliger, Gerard Zinsstag, as well as thematic concerts focused on the music art of German, Italian and French parts of the country. The Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory hosts masterclasses and meetings with Swiss artists.

Double portrait: Heinz Holliger and Klaus Huber

Mémoire, cercles
Beat Furrer, Xavier Dayer, Nadir Vassena, Oscar Bianchi, Michael Pelzel, Mathias Steinauer

Sound relief
Hanspeter Kyburz, Jürg Wyttenbach, Rudolf Kelterborn, Roland Moser, Francesco Hoch, Dieter Ammann

Double portrait: Gerard Zinsstag — Michael Jarrell

Michel Roth, Alfred Zimmerlin, Martin Schlumpf, Jannik Giger, Edu Haubensak, Thomas Kessler, Katharina Rosenberger, Annette Schmucki, Mattias Müller, Martin Jäggi

Partner: Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

List of events:

Concert 1. Double portrait: Heinz Holliger and Klaus Huber

March 6th 2014
Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatory, 18:00

Heinz HOLLIGER (t)air(e) for flute solo (1983)
Quintett for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and piano (1989)
Trio for oboe, harp and viola (1966)
Klaus HUBER Beati Pauperes I for flute, viola, piano and percussion (1979)
Intarsioso for hammerklavier, voice and string quartet (2009)

Concert 2

June 9th 2014
Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatory, 19:00
Beat FURRER Gaspra for ensemble (1988)
Xavier DAYER Mémoire, cercles for oboe and string trio (2011)
Nadir VASSENA 5 nodi grotteschi e crudeli for accordion and ensemble (2001)
Oscar BIANCHI Trasparente II for 10 instruments (2008)
Michael PELZEL Haikus for soprano and ensemble (2010)
Mathias STEINAUER Sott’acqua op. 17.3 for ensemble (1999)

Concert 3

September 8th 2014
Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatory, 19:00
Hanspeter KYBURZ Danse Aveugle for five instruments (2013)
Jrg WYTTENBACH Arc Arioso (agitato e dolente) for flute, viola and harp (2011)
Rudolf KELTERBORN Klangrelief for five instruments (2001)
Roland MOSER Widerschein von Schwarzeis for ensemble (2005)
Francesco HOCH Tre prove d’omaggio for five instruments(1996-1997)
Dieter AMMANN pRESTO sOSTINATO for chamber orchestra (2006)

Concert 4. Double portrait: Gerard ZINSSTAG and Michael JARREL

October 27th 2014
Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatory, 19:00
Gerard ZINSSTAG Tempor for flute, clarinette, piano and string trio (1992)
Bing for mezzo-soprano and ensemble on the eponymous text by Samuel Beckett (2009)
New piece for accordion and ensemble (2014)
Michael JARREL Modifications for piano and ensemble (1987)
Bebung for clarinet, cello and ensemble (1995)

Concert 5. Concert-marathon

November 11th 2014
Myaskovsky hall of the Moscow conservatory
Michel ROTH Tönung und Schatten for accordion (2001)
Alfred ZIMMERLIN Zwei Winterviolen for two violas (2009)
Martin SCHLUMPF Mirrow images for viola, cello and piano (2012)
Jannik GIGER Snapshots and Rihmshotsfor piano trio(2012)
Edu HAUBENSAK Vier Saiten for violino solo (2003)
Thomas KESSLER Lufttore for accordion and bass-clarinet (2006)
Katharina ROSENBERGER Torsion for piano solo (2008)
Annette SCHMUCKI 73 Paare for flute and clarinet (2009-2010)
Mattias MLLER Dexa for accordion and bass-clarinet (2005)
Martin JÄGGI Plod on for violin, viola, cello and piano (2007)

Artistic director — Vladimir TARNOPOLSKI