Russia-Germany: Chapters of the XX-century Music History


This project presented for the first time in Russia an analogy between the music of two countries in their historical parallels. The pulsation and collaboration of the Russian and the German musical cultures determined to a great degree the musical landscape of the entire 20th century. Closely connected with each other historically, they underwent similar processes, a fact that is confirmed by the obvious parallels in the course of events of their history, as well as the remarkable similarity of the simultaneous yet completely autonomous artistic phenomena. Each concert is dedicated to a special theme, relevant to music from both countries.

The 1920s. Constructivism / Towards Dodecaphony / Between Singing and Sprechstimme / “Entartete Kunst“ in Germany and Russia – Jazz / “Entartete Kunst“ in Germany and Russia – Neoclassicism / Music of Political Opposition / Emigrants Music / Wartime Music / The Second Birth of the Avant-garde / Labyrinths of Sound Structure / Klangkomposition / Neoromanticism / Music as Engagement / New Retrospection / Instrumental Theatre / Folklore and Weltmusik / In Search of New Expressiveness.

Partner: Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

Festival committee

Alexander Sokolov, general director
Vladimir Tarnopolski, project's author and artistic director
Igor Dronov, chief conductor of the Studio for New Music ensemble
Irina Snitkova, musicological consultant
Eugenia Izotova, Vera Serebriakova, executive direction

Peter Ringwood, translation consultant

The festival organizers are glad to express theirs special thanks to:
prof. Irina Barsova
prof. Svetlana Savenko
prof. Tamara Levaya
prof. David Gompper (USA)
Jorn Peter Hiekel
Anton Safronov
Alla Kesselman


Music of Russia and Germany from the First Half of the XX Century

Concert 1: 20th years. Constructivism

March 01, 2002

Sergey Prokofiev Overture ор.42 (1926)
Paul Hindemith Kammermusik #2 for piano and 12 solo instruments (1924)

Sehr lebhafte Achtel
Sehr langsame Achtel
Kleines Potpourri: Sehr lebhafte Viertel
Finale: Schnelle Viertel

Vladimir Deshevov Rails (1926), arrangement for ensemble by Vladislav Soifer
Alexey Zhivotov Fragments for nonet (1929)

* * *
Leonid Polovinkin Telescope II (1928), arrangement for ensemble by Vladislav Soifer
Alexander Mosolov Factory (1926)

Concert 2: Towards Dodecaphony

April 08, 2002

Herbert Eimert Five Pieces for String Quartet (1925)
Arnold Schönberg Serenade for ensemble (1920-1923)

* * *
Efim Golyshev String Trio "Zwölftondauer-Musik" (1914)
Nikolay Roslavets Chamber Symphony #1 (1927)

Concert 3: Between Singing and Sprechstimme

April 22, 2002

Arnold Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire for speaking voice and ensemble. 21 melodramas after Albert Giraud (1912)

* * *
Hanns Eisler Palmström (Studien über Zwolfton-Reihen) for voice and ensemble on texts by Christian Morgenstern (1924)
Vladimir Rebikov Melodeclamations
Anton Arensky
Melodeclamations on the text by Ivan Turgenev
Hanns Eisler Press-cuttings (1926)
Alexander Mosolov Newspaper Advertisements (1926), arrangement forvoice and ensemble by Edison Denisov (1981)

* * *
Igor Stravinsky L'Histoire du Soldat, suite (1918)

Concert 4: "Entartete Kunst" in Germany and Russia — Jazz

June 05, 2002

Paul Hindemith Kammermusik #1 (1921)
Karl Hartmann Jazz-Toccata and Fugue for piano (1928)
Igor Stravinsky Rag-Time for 11 instruments (1918)

* * *
Paul Hindemith Suite 1922 for piano (1922)
Erwin Schulhoff
Hot-Sonate (Jazz-Sonate) for alto-saxophone and piano (1930)
Dmitry Shostakovich Jazz-Suite #1 for ensemble (1932)

Concert 5: "Entartete Kunst" in Germany and Russia — Neoclassicism

September 21, 2002

Gabriel Popov Chamber Symphony (1927)

Moderato cantabile

Igor Stravinsky Concerto in Es "Dumbarton oaks" (1937-1938)

Tempo giusto
Con moto

Paul Hindemith Konzertmusik for piano, brasswinds and two harps (1930)

Ruhig gehende
Sehr ruhig. Variationen
Mässig sehnell, kraftvoll

Concert 6: Music of Political Opposition

November 04, 2002

Dmitry Shostakovich Piano Quintet (1940)
Hanns Eisler Chamber Symphony (1940)
Karl Hartmann Concerto Funebre for violin and orchestra (1939)

Concert 7: Emigrants' Music

November 20, 2002

Stephan Wolpe
(Germany – Palestine – USA) Saxophone Quartet (1950)
Paul Hindemith
(Germany – USA) A Frog he went a-courting, variations on an Old-English Nursery Song for Violoncello and piano (1941)
Mieczys?aw Weinberg
(Poland – USSR) Piano Quintet (1944)

Moderato con moto

* * *
Philip Hershkovich
(Romania – Austria – USSR – Austria) Three songs on texts by Ion Barbu (arrangement for voice and chamber ensemble by Vladislav Soifer, 196?/2004)
Arnold Schönberg
(Austria – Germany – USA) Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte for string quartet, piano and reciter on the text by Lord Bayron (1942)

Concert 8: Wartime Music

December 16, 2002

Nikolay Myaskovsky String Quartet #9 (1943)

Allegro inquieto
Andante appassionato
Allegro con brio

Sergey Prokofiev Sonata #8 for piano (1944)

Andante dolce
Andante sognando

Viktor Ullmann String Quartet #3 (1943)

Allegro moderato
Tempo I

* * *
Dmitry Shostakovich Piano Trio #2 (1944)

Allegro con brio

Arnold Schönberg Survey from Warsaw (1947)

Arrangement for ensemble by Anton Safronov

Russia and Germany's Musical Avant-garde in the Second Half of the XX Century

Concert 9: The Second Birth of the Avant-garde

February 10, 2003

Dieter Schnebel Versuche: Stücke for string quartet (1954/55)


Alemdar Karamanov Prologue, Thinking and Epilogue, triptych for piano (1962)
Nikolay Karetnikov String Quartet (1962)

Moderato energico

Andrei Volkonsky Suite of Mirrors for soprano and instrumental ensemble on the text by F. Garcia Lorca (1959)

* * *
Karlheinz Stockhausen Kreuzspiel (1951)
Bernd Alois Zimmermann Prèsence, ballet blanc in five scenes for violin, cello and piano (1961)
Edison Denisov Music for eleven winds and timpani (1961)

Allegro moderato

Concert 10: Labyrinths of Sound Structure

February 22, 2003

Friedrich Goldmann Trio for flute, percussion and piano (1966/67)
Karlheinz Stockhausen Klavierstuecke I-IV (1953)
Helmuth Lachenmann Trio fluido for clarinet, percussion and viola (1966-67)
Edison Denisov Italian Songs for soprano and chamber ensemble (1964)
Leonid Hrabovski Homeomorphia III for two pianos (1969)
Mathias Spahlinger Four pieces for soprano and chamber ensemble (1975)
Paul-Heinz Dittrich Cello-Einsatz (1966/68)
Nikolas Huber Air with "Sphinxes" for chamber ensemble (1987)

Concert 11: Klangkomposition

March 17, 2003

J.S. Bach / A. Webern Fuga (Ricercata) №2 from the "Musical Offering" (1935)
Edison Denisov Romantic Music for oboe, harp, violin, viola and cello (1965)
Sofia Goubaidulina Concordanza for instrumental ensemble (1971)
Roman Ledenyov Six pieces for chamber ensemble (1967)
Gyorgy Ligeti Chamber Concerto for 13 instrumentalists (1969-70)

Concert 12: Neoromanticism

May 21, 2003

Wilgelm Killmayer Brahms-Bildnis for piano trio (1976)
Valentin Silvestrov String Quartet №1 (1974)
Wolfgang Rihm Fremde Szene I, music for violin, cello and piano (1982)
Vladislav Shoot Premonition for soprano and chamber ensemble on the text by R.M.Rilke (1992)
Peter Ruzicka Annaeherung und Stille, four fragments on Schumann for piano and strings (1981)
Wolfgang von Schweinitz String Quartet (1976/78)
Elena Firsova Forest Walks for soprano and chamber ensemble on the text by O. Mandelshtam (1987)

Concert 13: Music as Engagement

June 04, 2003

Galina Ustvolskaya Symphony №4 "Prayer" (1985-87)
Hans Werner Henze El Cimarón, recital for four musicians on the text by Miguel Barnet (fragments) (1969-70)
Gerhardt Staebler Affiliert for chamber ensemble (1989/90)
Alexander Vustin Music for Ten on a text by J.-F. La Harpe (1991)
Paul Dessau Seven Songs for (to) the play by B.Brecht "Mother Courage and her Children" for soprano and piano (1953)
Alfred Schnittke Concerto №3 for violin and chamber orchestra (1978)

Concert 14: New Retrospection

September 08, 2003

Alfred Schnittke Hymn I for cello, harp and timpani (1974)
Boris Frankstein Depre… depression (2001), fragment
Arvo Pärt Psalm for string ensemble (1985/95)
Walter Zimmerman Garten des Vergessens, for piano trio (1983)
Alexander Knaifel YES, composition for ensemble for soloists (1980)
Johannes Schoellhorn Madria for clarinet-bass, accordion and double-base
Vladimir Martynov Metamorphoses, electronic interpretations of classic musical pieces (1976)

Concert 15: Instrumental Theatre

October 28, 2003

Ivan Sokolov Native Land for violin and piano (2001)
Vinko Globokar Notes for piano (1972)
Faradj Karaev (K)ein kleines Schauspiel for two guitars and flute (1998)
Alexander Bakshi He and She for two violins (1999)
Mauricio Kagel Recitativaria for a singing harpsichordist (female) (1971-72)
Dieter Schnebel Model №3. Concerto without orchestra for one pianist (and audience) (1970)
Vladimir Nikolaev Quick Amokus for chamber ensemble (1997)

Concert 16: Folklore and Weltmusik

December 04, 2003

Rodion Shchedrin Three Shepherds for flute, oboe and clarinet (1988)
Vladimir Martynov Night in Galicia (1996)
Igor Stravinsky Pribaoutki (1914)
Alexander Raskatov Voices of Frozen Land (2001
Karlheinz Stockhausen Hymnen (1967)

Concert 17: In Search of New Expressiveness

December 18, 2003

Wolfgang Rihm Chiffre VIII for ensemble (1985/88)
Nikolay Korndorf Are you ready, brother? for violin, cello and piano (1996)
Yuri Kasparov Schoenberg's space for violin, cello and piano (1993)
Isabel Mundry Traces des Moments for clarinet, accordion, violin, viola and cello (2000)
Vladimir Tarnopolski Chevengur for soprano and chamber ensemble on the texts by A.Platonov (2001)