May 2019
21 | 05 | 2019, tu – 19:00
Myaskovskiy Concert Hall
Music and architecture
Concert series Art controversy
Iannis Xenakis, Edgar Varese, Guillaume Dufay

From Aristotle to Lessing, from Gramsci and Adorno to Deleuze and Levinas - there has always been a discussion about intrinsic values of the art forms: whether the arts exist as self-reliant phenomena or they all have common roots and do need each other. At first sight, the art of music is perhaps the only self-sufficient form of art. That’s why it has certain power to influence our perception of other arts as a background process or else by highlighting elements of the other arts or by opening up yet another facets of a piece of art. Together with Vladimir Tarnopolski and Fedor Sofronov the listener is invited to this journey though the different art forms and to take part in the controversial discussion between music and other arts.

June 2019
8 | 06 | 2019, sa – 20:30
Small Hall
Italian Night
Luca Francesconi


Luca Francesconi
New Piece for ensemble


Studio for New Music Ensemble
Conductor - Igor Dronov

Supported by Italian Insitute for Culture in Moscow