September 2018
8 | 09 | 2018, sa – 19:00
Rakhmaninov hall
Contemporary Music of Switzerland
Annete Schmuki, Oscar Bianchi, Denis Schuler, Ricardo Eizerick, Alfred Zimmerlin, Michael Jarrell, Heinz Holliger


Annete Schmucki
Sand_Schlamm_Schnee_Quartet for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello (2015)

Oscar Bianchi
Gr… for bass-flute solo (2010)

Denis Schuler
MYN for flute, oboe, toy piano, crotales, viola (2013)

Heinz Holliger
Studie II for oboe solo (1981)

Ricardo Eizirik
Junkyard piece IIc for flute, bas-clarinet, percussion, piano, cello and found objects (2015)

Alfred Zimmerlin
Rêve – réalité. Hommage à R.D. for voice solo (2015)

Michael Jarrell
Lied ohne Worte for violin, cello and piano (2012)


Ekaterina Kichigina, soprano

Marina Rubinshtein, flute

Anastasia Tabankova, oboe

Studio for New Music Ensemble

Moderation - Fedor Sofronov

13 | 09 | 2018, th – 19:00
Rakhmaninov Hall
Avant-garde in jazz style
Concert series Avant-garde plus
Faradzh Karaev, Luis Anrdissen, Theo Loevendie, Edison Denisov


Guus Janssen
Octet (1978)

Martijn Padding
Quintet for any 5 instruments (1996)

Edison Denisov
Ode for clarinet, piano and percussion (1968)

Luis Anrdissen
Zilver for ensemble (1994)

Kazimierz Serocki
Swinging music for clarinet, trombone, piano and contrabass (1970)

Michel van der Aa
And how are we today? for mezzo-soprano, piano and contrabass (2012)

Faradzh Karaev
Der Herr Botschafter ist bereits schon nach Jaffa abgereist for ensemble (2014)

Theo Loevendie
Laps for ensemble (1995)


Ekaterina Kichigina, soprano
Nikita Agafonov, clarinet
Michail Olenev, trombone
Mona Khaba, piano
Grigory Krotenko, contrabass

Studio for new music ensemble
Conductor - Stanislav Malyshev

Throughout the Xxth century avant-garde in the broadest sense of the word has always been attractive to general public and to artists, who almost inevitably become the newsmakers of our time. The Studio for New Music approaches the secret of this vitality and attractivity of avant-garde art, focusing on the synthetic, additive nature of the music. Fashion on Jazz? Avant-garde is willing to accept this genre. Emerging Rock movement? And here again avant-garde embraces the style. Folk and World music? Here you are! Five concerts of the series represent five pluses “+” for everyone interested in the history and sources of avant-garde.
Works by Padding, Janssen, Stravinsky, Andriessen, Pärt, De Leeuw, Gubaidulina, Schöllhorn, Romitelli, Murray, Ligeti, Zappa, Berio, Sysoev, Reich, Glass a.o.

14 | 09 | 2018, fr – 11:00
Composer Chaya Czernowin
14 | 09 | 2018, fr – 14:00
Composer Santiago Diez Fischer
20 | 09 | 2018, th – 19:00
Rakhmaninov hall
By the 25th anniversary of the ensemble. Olga Galochkina (cello)
Luciano Berio, Kaija Saariaho, Giovanni Sollima, Pierre Boulez, Gyorgy Ligeti, Martijn Padding


Luciano Berio
Sequenzia XVIa for cello (2002)

Kaija Saariaho
Petals for cello solo and electronics (1988)

Giovanni Sollima
Intersong II for cello, violin, flute and two pianos (2001)

Pierre Boulez
Messagesquiess for cello solo and six cellos (1976-77)

Gyorgy Ligeti
Concerto for cello and orchestra (1966)

Martijn Padding
Last words concert for cello and ensemble (2010)


Olga Galochkina, cello

Marina Rubinsteyn, flute
Stanislav Malyshev, violin
Mona Khaba, piano
Natalia Cherkasova, piano

Ilya Pashintsev, cello
Anton Bulkin, cello
Nikita Baranov, cello
Aider Rysaliev, cello
Nelli Tsynman, cello
Anna Schegoleva, cello

Conductor - Igor Dronov

23 | 09 | 2018, su – 19:00
Myaskovskiy Concert Hall
Music and literature
Concert series Art controversy
Peter Ablinger, Mauricio Kagel, Elena Firsova, Nikolai Obukhov, Anton Arensky, Vladimir Tarnopolski


Peter Ablinger
Voices for piano and tape

Mauricio Kagel
Recitativaria for a singing harpsichord player

Elena Firsova
Forest walk for voice and ensemble on the verses by Osip Mandelstam

Nikolay Obukhov
Four songs on the verses by Konstantin Balmont

Anton Arensky
Melodeclamation on the prose poem by Ivan Turgenev

Vladimir Tarnopolsky
Echoes of the Passing Day for clarinet, cello and piano


Ekaterina Kichigina, soprano
Fedor Sofronov, narrator
Natalia Cherkasova, piano
Mona Khaba, piano
Nikita Agafonov, clarinet
Olga Galochkina, cello
Olga Kalinova, cello

Studio for New Music Ensemble

Moderation - Fedor Sofronov

From Aristotle to Lessing, from Gramsci and Adorno to Deleuze and Levinas - there has always been a discussion about intrinsic values of the art forms: whether the arts exist as self-reliant phenomena or they all have common roots and do need each other. At first sight, the art of music is perhaps the only self-sufficient form of art. That’s why it has certain power to influence our perception of other arts as a background process or else by highlighting elements of the other arts or by opening up yet another facets of a piece of art. Together with Vladimir Tarnopolski and Fedor Sofronov the listener is invited to this journey though the different art forms and to take part in the controversial discussion between music and other arts.

27 | 09 | 2018, th – 19:30
The Mirror Hall of State Institut for Art Studies
The Suite of Mirrors: Andrey Volkonsky
The lectorium in the State Institut for Art Studies


Andrey Volkonsky (1933-2008)
Suite of Mirrors for soprano and ensemble (1960)
Was noch lebt for mezzo-soprano and string trio (1989)
Piano quintet (1954)
Musica stricta for piano solo (1956)


Ekaterina Kichigina, soprano
Marina Rubinsteyn, flute
Yuri Posypanov, percussion
Mona Khaba, piano
Alexei Potapov, guitar
Stanislav Malyshev, violin
Ekaterina Fomitskaya, violin
Ekaterina Markova, viola
Olga Galochkina, cello