February 2023
1 | 02 | 2023, we – 19:00
Rachmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatory
II Multimedia festival "Biomechanics"


Anton Svetlichny
Dark patterns for accordion and electronics
World premiere

Alexey Sysoev
MY GARDENS for cello, tape, light and video
World premiere

Alexander Khubeev
No for voice, light and electronics
World premiere

Mehdi Hosseini
Ctesiphon for cello, electronics and video
World premiere

Brigitta Muntendorf
Public Privacy #6... bright no more for voice, electronics and video

Matthias Kranebitter
96bit music for accordion and electronics
Russian premiere

Fausto Romitelli
Multimedia-opera Index of metals


Soloists of the CEAM Artists
Yulia Migunova, cello
Venedict Peunov, accordion
Alena Verin-Galitskaya, voice

Nikolay Popov, electronics
Alexander Plakhin, video
Alexander Pettai, video

Ekaterina Kichigina, soprano
Igor Pavlov, light score

Studio for New Music ensemble
Conductor — Igor Dronov

Supporting by VTB Bank and Union of Composers of Russia

9 | 02 | 2023, th – 19:00
Rachmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatory
History of Discoveries
Concert cycle for the 30th anniversary of the Studio for New Music ensemble
Will be announced later


Arthur Lourie — Faraj Karaev
Syntheses (1914 — 2010)

Alexey Sioumak
March and Polka for ensemble (2002/2021)

Helmut Lachenmann
Sakura-Variationen for saxophone, piano and percussion (2000)

Роман Пархоменко
way | light | trees for ensemble (2022)

Stefan Wolpe
Chamber piece #1 for 14 players (1964)

Salvatore Sciarrino
Archeologia del telefono for ensemble (2005)


Ignat Krasikov, saxophone
Andrej Nikitin, percussion
Mona Khaba, piano

Studio for New Music ensemble
Conductor — Igor Dronov